quinta-feira, 22 de maio de 2008


I tried to use a piece of paper instead of knives. For a while it worked but it ain't doing what it should anymore. That's what happens when you blame yourself for all the sins in the world. I am the most dreadful generalization of discomfort... I'm the one who was left alone singing over the bones on the way, the poetry of all that is dead.
When you figure out there's no dream to chase after you fall apart. It doesn't mean you're not able to dream again though. I'm not as strong as you think. I'm not as smart as I say and it means sometimes I can't read between the lines. Sometimes your metaphors just don't make any sense. Or perhaps I'm too blind to see the written words and keep expecting the spoken ones.
A couple of nights ago I cried 'til feel sorry for myself 'cause I thought you weren't there. I don't know what 'being there' means to you. And I don't wanna think about what it means to me. I'm afraid to think what it means for me.
Take these matches and light your cigarettes. It's the only thing left.We're messed up for different reasons and I lost the capacity to talk but not the capacity to care and feel. I know our hearts haven't turned to stones. But I still don't know where your life hurts. Hope you can tell me...
"Some things I'll never know
And I had to let them go
Some things I'll never know
And I had to let them go
I'm sitting all alone feeling empty..."

3 comentários:

Gabriela disse...

às vezes o papel salva algum hábito ou não.
às vezes podemos compreender o outro e às vezes não.
às vezes não compreendemos a nós mesmos...
é complicado essa angústia mútua.

só sei que sinto saudade de vc, desse teu jeito descaradamente frágil e incompreensível tanto quanto o meu.


ps: esse texto foi direcionado?

Sua amiga sempre,
Esse endereço é meu novo blog tá?

Lu (- . -)... disse...

Blog interessante mocinha... Escrever com a pena da emoção é invejoso...
Passarei por aqui mais vezes!!
Até a volta!!

apenas, Marcia... disse...

We had to let them go...sometimes...